You have so much power inside you.

You have so much power inside you.
to Full Power here.

Here is where we get free.
As a community. Together.

Stop playing small.
Stop settling for exhaustion.
Stop selling your soul for success.

    There is a new way.   

And it opens before you when you
Liberate Full Power.

Everything is changing all around you...  So why not use this as an opportunity to break free from a broken system keeping you drained, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Instead...  You're invited to Initiate Your Liberation to FULL Power, Purpose, & Devotion within the beauty of your Feminine Operating System™.

Your Pathway of Liberation

Break free from the cage that keeps you small and learn how to house your full wattage (without burning out or obliterating everyone!).  Then you'll have the right fuel to offer your gifts to the world with ease.

Activated in the program: DARK FEMININE 

All of your power lives inside you in what I call your Body Temple.  Learn how to work with your body as partner for life, love her, take care of your nervous system, feel the power in your Pleasure & Turn-On, and listen for the most perfect wisdom within YOUR inner knowing.

Activated in the program: BODY TEMPLE
Remember your true nature as a vessel for the Divine longing to know Itself through you.  Surrender more deeply beyond your human ego to learning how to be in cosmic collaboration with the Divine so it's not all on your shoulders.  Work with the laws of nature as you step into the Divine Union of your Exalted Feminine & Exalted Masculine consummating into your own unique Creation Process.

Activated in the program: CREATION INITIATION

Are you ready to be initiated?


Download your mini

Say YES! to Initiating Your Liberation by downloading this simple, special guided journey into your greatest power as a woman.  You'll leave this experience feeling Turned On, energized, and filled up with more of your power. And it's totally free!

Join the Community

Be a part of the movement by gathering with like-minded sisters in a safe, welcoming community as we explore our natural Feminine Power and how to cheer each other on in getting free.  There will be juicy conversations and we want your voice included too.

Join the Community
Talk with Christina

If YOU have been looking for a next-level mentor to support you in creating life & business in alignment with your soul from the beauty of your Feminine Operating System, then talk with Christina about her deeply alchemical 6-month containers of transformation.

Talk with Christina
"Since working with Christina, my idea has totally become a reality! We’ve now raised a half-million dollars… AND I used all my feminine skills to facilitate a meeting with the highest governmental leaders of Haiti, all men by the way, and walked out with a contract worth millions of dollars! And my marriage is juicier than it’s ever been."
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Gina Waota
CPA / CFO Philanthropist /
Social Entrepreneur Keynote Speaker
"We grew in our 8-figure business consulting and training company - and better, I stayed focused on building my new platform with 90,000 words written for my new book. And the best - I'm in synergy with my body and mind and have a focus that's on fire, accessing the parts of me that I'm not ashamed of showing off or hiding anymore."

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Jennifer Kem
CEO and Futurist, Master Brand Institute
"Christina takes you on a journey to uncover the truth of where your soul longs to be. In the 4 years we've worked together, I have written a book, become a multi 7-figure earner, created a retreat center in Costa Rica, bought my dream home in Ashland, Oregon, am in a committed partnership with my beloved, and doing work that makes me soul sing.  Working with her is fun, sexy, edgy and she is the master of fierce love and no bullshit."
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Erin Pollinger
Doctor of Chiropractic and Life Mastery Mentor
Author of Network Marketing Queen
What is the New Way?

Liberating yourself from the dominant OS currently grinding the gears of your elegant order to step into the brilliance of your Feminine Operating System.


The elegant, natural design of a feminine-essenced being when she/they have reached their exalted state firing on all cylinders.  This OS runs on the feminine principles of yin, the right brain, and lunar energies that work best in seasons, cycles, flow, beingness, and radiance.  Unfortunately it is rare to find because it's not been highly valued by the default Patriarchal Operating System (fueled by constant production) that is the dominant water in which we all swim.

However running the POS on a feminine-essenced being is akin to putting diesel in a gasoline car...  IT DOES NOT WORK.  It is the wrong fuel, grinds the gears, and leads to burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, + exhaustion.

Together, let's break free of the spell to step into the glory of our exalted Feminine Operating System bringing our inner Feminine and inner Masculine together into the consummation of our Divine Union to pro-create.


You break free from the system to express the truth in your bones.

You learn how to wield your FULL power in the right way.

You deepen your devotion to be a pure vessel for the Divine.

Have you taken STEP 1 to Initiate Your Liberation yet? 

Last chance to download your mini INITIATION RITUAL here

When you say yes to INITIATE YOUR LIBERATION the best place to start is cultivating your greatest power as a woman.  Download this *free* mini INITIATION RITUAL to activate the radiant power of your pleasure & Turn-On.  I promise it will give you the experience of filling your cup and leave you energized and lit up from within!  You know you want to say yes. 🔥

Hi!  I'm Christina, a former healer turned fancy-pants business coach who created the machine of a successful coaching business by my 3rd year.  Parts of it were AMAZING!  Until I was exhausted from being in man-mode all the time following other people's templates to success...  So 7 years ago pulled the plug on that successful biz to create a pleasure makeover for myself.  Now I travel the world and work within the beautiful design of my Feminine Operating System™, and help other women leaders do the same.

Christina Morassi
Founder of the Feminine Operating System™


Liberation only matters if we all get free.  I acknowledge being a white, cisgender, heterosexual woman with a lot of work to do to make safe & inclusive spaces for women of all backgrounds, races, and orientations.  I am deeply committed to this lifelong journey and so far have done private work with Diversity & Inclusion Mentor, Trudi Lebron and group work with Sacred Inclusion Mentor, Eva Cruz Pena. We desire to safely welcome straight, queer, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and all Women of Color to our communities.

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